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Grade 1 Class

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Grade 1 Class

January 15, 2017

Welcome to a new school year! It's going to be a great one! :)

The next Scientist of the Day will be Declan T.  He will be presenting his experiment on Thursday, January 18th at 1:05 pm.

The grade one class is going cross country skiing on Tuesday, February 13, 20 and 27th.  We will be leaving the classroom around 9:00 am, and returning to the school at noon.  The students will be provided with boots, skis and ski lessons. Please make sure the children are dressed appropriately - I will not take any child up the ski hill who does not have on snow pants, a warm coat, hat and mittens.  The children also need to have a healthy snack in their pocket that would be easy to eat on the cross country trail - like a granola bar or piece of fruit. I will provide the water for all the lessons. I am looking for drivers and volunteers that could help us on our ski days. 

We are looking for items for our Wonder Hour box in the classroom. Please send in any empty, interesting container items so we can reuse them in the class. Some examples are:  paper towel rolls, kleenex boxes, vtamin pill boxes, and the like. Thanks!

The 2017/2018 Grade One class;

Aaron Konst
Addison Leach
Alexis Klotz
Blaire Flint
Brielle Pott
Carson Watrich
Cassie Kotai
Davynn Hicks-Lundy
Declan Cullen
Declan Tashoots
Elishah Bandejas
Ella Stewart
Emma Gilbert
Iza Coupe
Izabella Harrison
Layla Read
Max Bartram
Niyaa Donio
Rylee Bayes
Sadie Durnin
Shunsei Kita-Sternberg
Slater Raven
Tim Eggenberger
Veronica Battaglia
Violet Mitchell
Wyatt Grice

I hope this list is helpful for you when organizing playdates, birthday party invitations, Valentine's Day cards, etc.

Here is the class House Teams. The teams are:

George Vanier (green)

Declan C.

Mother Teresa (blue)


Rose Prince (red)

Declan T.

Thomas Merton (yellow)


The children will be learning "The Doubles Rap" in math.  If they would like to practice it at home, here is "The Doubles Rap":

It's the doubles, baby, let's go, let's go!
It's the doubles, baby, and we start with zero:
0+0=0  Oh!
1+1=2  Ooooooh!
2+2=4  More!
3+3=6  Kicks!
4+4=8  That's great!
5+5=10  Again!
6+6=12  That's swell!
7+7=14  Let's lean!
8+8=16  Really keen!
9+9=18  Jelly bean!
10+10=20  That's plenty!

Once a month I will be sending home a book order with your child.  If you choose to order a book, please enclose a cheque made out to Scholastic, or you may pay with cash if you have the correct amount.  I do not have the cash on hand to make change.  Scholastic also offers the option of paying with a credit card. Please let me know if the books are intended as a gift and you would like to pick the order up without your child knowing. Thanks!

Please remember that library books must be returned every Tuesday morning.  If your child has not finished the book, you must still return the book.  However, you can put a post it note on the book saying "please renew" and your child will get the same book back again.

If your child is "Scientist of the Day", please make sure you send to school everything they need to complete their experiment on their experiment day.  We have a sink in the classroom for water, but that's all we have to contribute to the experiment.  Everything else needs to come from home.  Thanks for your support with this! 

If you are looking for a good reading program on your computer or other devices for your child to practice their reading skills, www.starfall.com is a good free reading site.

There is no show and tell in grade one.  I have at least 3 - 7 students every day ask to do show and tell - we simply do not have enough time in our day.  I will provide other opportunities in the classroom for public speaking  - such as during calendar time, or "Scientist of the Day".  Thanks for your support with this by not sending items to school with your child to show for show and tell.

Please make sure that you make every effort to bring your child to school on time every day.  I realize that unexpected events crop up that can cause a student to be tardy, but please try to be on time.  It can be very intimidating for a child to come into a class that is already is progress and join in.  In the rare cases that we have a child who is having difficulty separating from a parent and coming into the classroom, it is usually because the child is late and finds it hard come in when the class is in progress.  It is much easier on a child to come to school a bit early, play with a few minutes on the playground with a friend, and walk into the school with their classmates. 

One feature of our math program is that it involves homework that will come home quite regularly.  A sheet will come home with a "Side A" which will be completed in class with me, and then a "Side B' for homework.  Please assist your child to read the problems on side B, if necessary.  However, please allow your child to arrive at the answers independently. When your child is finished, please check over their work and help your child to correct any mistakes.  If your child was unable to solve the problem on their own and you had to help, please circle the problem number to alert me that your child found that problem difficult. It is very important that your child returns the homework sheet the next day.  I will be keeping track of the children who return their homework, and they can earn prizes for consistently returning their work.

If your child has vomited, please do not send them to school for 24 hours after the last incident.  The stomach flu is highly contagious - thanks for your support with this!

Please send velcro shoes for indoor shoes for your child unless they are able to tie up their own shoes independently.

If it is feasible for your family, I highly recommend purchasing a hot lunch card from the school office.  The card costs $40, and is good for ten lunches.  I keep track of the card and the lunches purchased, and I will give you a week's notice when your child's hot lunch card has expired.  The grade one students get quite stressed if they think they were supposed to order hot lunch, but someone forgot to give them money. The hot lunch cards are so much easier on everyone! :)  The office is now selling pizza cards as well, to be used for the pizza lunches that occur on the last Friday of each month.  This is a fund raiser for the Grade Seven class, so the regular hot lunch cards cannot be used. 

Please make sure your child's reading log and book are kept in a zip lock bag.  I provided one at the beginning of the year, if your child has lost it or the bag is broken, please replace it.  The books for the home reading program are expensive to replace, and if they are kept in a ziplock bag they are less likely to get damaged (spills, wet snow, ect.) Thanks!  If your child has lost their home reading program book, there is a $3 replacement charge.

When your child is writing in their reading log, or completing their math homework, please keep on eye out to make sure they are forming their letters and numbers from the top down, and not the bottom up.  

It's really important that children in grade one know their first and last names, their phone numbers and their street address.  These facts are very important for safety reasons, and this is something that needs to be taught at home.  Please go over this information with your child until they have it memorized.

I am looking to have people come into the class to listen to children read.  If you have some free time in your week, or a grandparent, relative, neighbour, ect., please let  me know! About 45 minutes a week is all it takes! You will need to have a criminal record check done to work with children in our school.  Please contact the office and they will asist you with all you need to know to be a volunteer.  Thanks so much!

Some of the students are reading at the blue level in our Home Reading Program.  Blue is the most difficult level.  If your child is reading blue books, please know that I don't expect them to finish the whole book in a day (unless it is a short book).  Many blue books are quite long, and will take several days to read. In order for your child to earn treats at the same rate as everyone else in the class, simply have them read for 15 - 20 minutes and fill in their reading long.  Under the opinion section they can write "I read pages 1 - 15".  The next day under their opinion they can continue writing the pages that they read.  This way they can still bring in their log everyday and earn treats at the same rate as before.

 It is very important that children in grade one go to bed at 7:00, or 7:30 at the latest.  When they get a good night sleep (12 hours at this age) they are happier, they perform better in school academically and their general behaviour is better.  They can cope more effectively when academic or social situations feel stressful to them, and they get sick far less often.  If you are interested, there is a great book on this subject called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth, MD.  His research even states that children who go to bed earlier have a higher IQ.  Of course, there are nights when there is a special event occurring, and it is impossible to get the children to bed on time.  This is understandable, it happens to all of us.  But in order to support your child (and their teacher!) to have the best day possible academically and behaviourly, they need to go to bed at 7:00 or 7:30.

You can contact me:

  • in the grade one classroom before or after school
  • by telephone 250-847-9414 before or after school
  • e mail me at swellington@cispg.ca
Thanks, and have a great week!

Shannon Wellington